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“I have suffered from migraines from about the age of 10. They would come on quite quickly, a real throbbing pain behind my eyes. An aversion to light and the need to just lay quietly in a dark room. Sometimes the pain would even make me physically sick! My mum suffers the exact same symptoms, which is strange! I didn’t suffer often so didn’t seek any advice as they would usually go off after an hour or so. As I got older they seemed to disappear, appearing again when my sleep got hugely disrupted from having a baby. They became more regular and with a small person I realised it was not always possible to disappear into a dark room and be quiet! A friend of mine had received acupuncture from Dr Stringer and recommended I gave it a go. I was sceptical at first as I couldn’t understand how these strategically placed tiny needles could keep my migraines at bay.

I went along for my appointment open minded and quietly optimistic after doing some research about how acupuncture has helped millions of people who suffer like I used to. Dr Stringer went through my medical history thoroughly and we discussed the reason for my visit. Before long I was laid up on the bench and Dr Stringer was talking me through what he was going to do and where he was going to place the needles. I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles but I can honestly say I hardly felt them! They are a lot thinner than the normal ‘blood test’ needles.

We also discussed my diet during my initial visit and I was told to make some adjustments which should help. I usually drink 5-6 cups of tea during the day – I was using these teas to boost my energy levels during the day. I was advised to drink more water and eliminate some of the caffeine I was drinking, which I know will be tough but will benefit my long-term health, I know.

I was advised that I would need a few sessions to eliminate the symptoms. Dr Stringer and I worked together to schedule these sessions around work and my children.

After my first session I felt relaxed and confident and looking forward to my next session.

The following week I suffered another migraine the day before my session. Dr Stringer repeated the same placements of needles and reassured me that the migraines will not disappear overnight.

Between session two and three I didn’t have a migraine attack! Ta dah! I didn’t then suffer with anymore throughout my recommended treatment period, a miracle!

Acupuncture has seriously changed my life. I continue to visit Dr Stringer every couple of months –or when I feel that I may need some treatment. But touch wood, I am now migraine free! I know some people think that it is a placebo affect – maybe it is – but with all the studies and how long it has been around for, there must be something in it! I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

Ms. A Bright

Southampton, Hants

"I started seeing Tom last year after a hearing a couple of recommendations from people I know. My lower back and neck have caused me varying levels of discomfort for many years, and I wanted a more controlled and sustainable treatment plan. I have experienced many forms of treatment for my condition and posture, including physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic manipulation from another practice. This has helped ease my pain during nasty flare ups but never tackled the ongoing problem itself. 

I was totally honest with Tom when I first met him, explaining that this had left me with a lack of belief in a long term, satisfactory treatment plan. I also admitted to a lack of will power to keep up with such a plan! 

However, with Tom's support and persistence, I managed to keep up a strict routine over a number of months and my back and neck ache lessened considerably. This then led nicely into a period of management every 6 weeks or so. Unfortunately, my exercise regime did lapse during a time when I was going through a number of medical tests last year. Tom reminded me of the importance of maintaining my exercises as my initial symptoms began to reoccur. I am now getting back on track and feeling the difference again. I have more confidence in my lower back management knowing that Tom is there to support and advise me on a regular basis."


Mrs J Harding

Southampton, Hants

"I was recommended by a friend about Tom and also knew of him from going to the same school as me.

Right from the start I have felt like I’m in good hands with Tom as he is very professional and thorough in his work.
He has informed me of what problems I am suffering with and what exercises I can do to help.

Each treatment he asks how I am and makes notes on my progress - by the end of the session my back is always feeling a lot better!"



Mr C Shetler

Southampton, Hants

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