Sports Massage News

Kenny is moving on and Charlie is moving in!


Lock-down changed a lot of things for a lot of people and Kenny is one of those people.

We are happy to announce that Kenny is going to be a dad! This means he is going to focus his time on his new responsibilities and building a client-base from his home in Andover.

We were hoping he would be able to come back for a while before baby is due but due to timings of the governments announcements, sadly he won't be able to return to the clinic in time to see any of his patients before fatherhood beckons.

Luckily Charlie (another superstar sports massage therapist) will be joining the Bodyworx team! He will be taking over the care of Kenny's clients going forwards.

During lock-down the BodyWorx team have been working hard behind the scenes to move your appointments forward to future dates - so you should have one in the diary. If you would like to bring your appointment forward, please do so online.

So taking the above into consideration, your next appointment will be with Charlie Cole.

Apart from that everything else will remain the same. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

We know everyone will miss Kenny (us included!) but we are sure you will also love Charlie.

If you have any 'best wishes' messages you want us to pass to Kenny, please email

We will also be holding a collection for him if you would like to contribute.

With your upcoming appointment in the pipeline please also have a read of our Covid-19 policy.