Here at Bodyworx we have a very talented, experienced Sports Massage Therapist on hand called Madison to relieve any muscular tension and pain you may be suffering with. Madison will manipulate the soft tissues of the body (including tendons and ligaments) to relieve any issues you may be having.


The title ‘Sports Massage’ does not just mean this treatment is for people suffering from a sport-related injury, it is more around relieving pain through massage rather than a muscular skeletal adjustment, which the chiropractor would conduct. Massage can be applied to the whole body but usually focusses on the main area of discomfort.

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  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow

  • Restoring mobility/range of motion

  • Sport specific therapy – conditioning, injury prevention, pre, inter and post competition.

  • Improves flexibility – someone with tight muscles may have better flexibility following regular massages.

  • Pain reduction – massage assists in reducing tension and releases the body’s endorphins, influencing our pain reception.

  • Aids recovery – massage can help improve recovery from trauma and fatigue.

  • Injury prevention – massage can assist in the prevention of injury in the long term.

"What are the benefits of Sports Massage?"