Could laser therapy be the answer to your arthritic pain?

Arthritis is the wearing away of the cartilage of a joint over time. This can be premature in some people due to excess weight, overuse or poor mechanics. The pain associated with arthritis is usually due to bone on bone contact triggering the pain receptors, inflammation and poor circulation.

The most common thing people do for arthritis is take painkillers. The problem with this is that it doesn’t help the underlying problem, and further wearing out takes place. What this means is over time more and more painkillers are needed, which is not good for the body overall.

How can laser therapy help? Well not all lasers are created equally. There are a lot of cheap low power lasers on the market which only work on superficial structures such as the skin (think acne treatment). The laser we have at BodyWorx is a class IV laser, the strongest you can get. This type of laser is able to penetrate deep down to get to the target area and work its magic.

The laser will increase the blood flow and circulation to the area giving a lubricating effect to the joints. It will mediate the release of endorphins to help pain control, it will reduce inflammation in the area and the surrounding tissues. It will also encourage the growth of healthy new cells from an inter cellular level.

Once pain and inflammation are under control the next steps can be put in place. This would include things such as gentle cardiovascular exercise, changing the mechanics of the body and strengthening the joints. This all has to be in a structured plan to give the best possible results.

If you think laser can help you, why not book in for a free chat to discuss the options?

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