LCN Wilde-Pedique Toe Nail Gel

Getting your feet looking good again

I see many clients who say they are embarrassed by their feet, often this is due to the appearance of their nails. Whilst chiropody treatments ensure the continued health of the feet, it is often not possible to change the appearance of the nail. This is when LCN Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus toe nail gel can help!

LCN Wilde-Pedique Silver Plus gel is specifically created for toe nails therefore it is flexible but durable. It contains the anti-mycotic agent Piroctone Olamine, so it can be applied over fungal nails and fungal nail treatment can continue with the gel on the nail. It also contains colloidal micro silver which is antimicrobial.

The gel can be used to reconstruct a toe nail even if only a very small area of natural nail remains. If there is no natural nail remaining, for example after total nail removal surgery, a false nail can be constructed to fit the individuals exact nail bed shape. This gel nail can be glued in place when required.

Unlike beauty gel nail treatments this gel cannot be soaked off. It can be cut and filed like a natural nail and will last approximately 6 weeks before being removed and remade at the next treatment appointment. It can have nail polish applied to it and removed with varnish remover and the gel nail will remain the same underneath.

The gel can be used over normal natural nails, to reconstruct damaged nails and to protect the nail from infection when it has split. The gel can be used for psoriatic nails and can be used on diabetic people. There are a range of six natural shades which can be blended to match the client’s natural skin tone. The gel can be left non-shiny for a natural result, bright and shiny or even with a french polish finished look.

Prices are quoted specific to each client’s wants and needs. For example, you could choose to have just one nail reconstruction or you could have one nail reconstruction and have the other nails covered with the gel to improve the appearance of all the nails. Prices for these two examples would be different. As a guide, some examples of prices are given below. These prices are in addition to the normal podiatry treatment cost:

Big toe nail reconstruction only: £25

Lesser toe nail reconstruction only: £10

Big toe nail reconstruction and all other nails: £70

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