Neurogenic Claudication

What is it?

This occurs when the nerves in your back become pinched by structures either in the back itself or hips and leg.

It’s sends a numbness/tingling feeling down the leg, and generally down both legs. You might expect it in the calf’s mainly.

What are the symptoms?

  • Pins and needles into the legs, starts in the feet working it’s way back up the leg

  • Pain in the leg

  • Worse bending backwards

  • Worse walking up hill

  • You can usually only walk a certain distance before you get the pain

What can chiropractic do to help?

Imagine your nerve is being compressed like a hosepipe does when it has a kink in it. It’s the same idea here. The nerve won’t receive signals from the brain because it is being compressed, much like a hosepipes water flow will stop. This causes the symptoms.

With Chiropractic we can release the structures that are causing the symptoms, with manipulation, mobilisation, muscle release and stretching. It can dramatically help symptoms.

Long term posture will need improving to prevent this from occurring in the future.

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