Preparation: Ski

Do you have a ski holiday coming up and worried that your legs are going to ache, get tired or even worse get injured?

Problems with the legs are one of the most common non-impact related injuries after a ski holiday. This is due to your legs not being accustomed to the stress and then doing a whole week of exercises on them. This leads to things such as Achilles and calve strain, shin splints, knee/ankle pain and can even alter the mechanics leading to hip and lower back issues.

The older we get the more likely you are to cause scar tissue within the muscle bellies due to our metabolism and cellular exchange slowing down.

A little exercise you can do to help this is the non-lock out impulse squat. By doing this you mimic the stress that skiing will cause and allow your ligament/tendons to move in the same fashion. These should not replace normal squats and leg exercises, they are an addition. The exercise isn’t designed to build strength it is designed to build endurance in the muscle tissue and the ligament/tendons. If you rarely do any leg exercises it will also build strength in the legs.

- Stand up straight and take your arms into skiing position.

- Lean forward with straight legs to put the weight on your toes and strain in lower leg.

- Bend the knees to what you feel is your skiing position.

- From here drop down 3-6 inches and raise up 3-6 past your start point.

To being with, start with 3 sets of 20 seconds with 1-minute rest between sets then build this up by 5 sets a day until you are doing 3 sets of 2 minutes.

Check out the video below featuring Dr Stringer demonstrating this simple exercise -

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