Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy - Shoulder Pain Relief

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy, also referred to as the Shoulder Tendonitis or the Impingement Syndrome, is a medical condition that causes the tendons and muscles supporting the shoulder joint to swell up.

The shoulder joint is an example of a ball and socket joint that is supported by a set of muscles called the rotator cuff. These muscles prevent the ball of the humerus from slipping out of the glenoid cavity. Strong tendons made up of connective tissues also connect the muscles to the bones. These enable us to swing, lift or move our arms. Maximum movement of this joint occurs in this area and affects the rotator cuff muscles.

Symptoms of a tendinopathy in the shoulder include:

  • Pain may be felt when the patient wakes up in the morning

  • Loss of strength and stability of the joint as well as weakness in the upper arm or hands

  • Swelling and tenderness may be observed

  • Inability or discomfort in lifting the arms above the head, lifting weights or lying on the affected side of the shoulder

  • Pain may radiate down from the arm to the elbow

  • Some patients may complain of pain even while resting. Particularly at night. This happens in aggravated cases of Tendinopathy

  • Joint stiffness

  • Range of motion may get affected

  • A feeling of cracking or joint locking

Check out the below video which demonstrates an exercise which you can do with a myofascial ball (sold here at the clinic!) or a tennis ball to relieve symptoms.

Alternatively, pop in and see one of our specialists here at Bodyworx Health Clinic to get you out of pain.

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