Trochanteric bursitis - What is it and how can it be treated?

Our hips are marvels of flexibility. When we walk, they give us power and stability. When we jump, they can handle the impact. The hip joint is one of the largest and strongest joints in the human body.

But the hip can take a beating, and when that happens, we may feel pain.

One of the primary causes of hip pain is bursitis, which is an inflammation of the bursa. These fluid-filled sacs are found around the body and serve as cushions between bones and soft tissues such muscles, tendons, and skin.

Each hip has two main bursa. When that outside hip bursa gets inflamed, you have trochanteric bursitis. This is also known as greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS). This is a common condition and easily treatable.

Bursitis can be treated in a number of ways. If it is acute (you've had symptoms for around 2 weeks) then usually chiropractic, acupuncture and stretching is ample to resolve symptoms.

However for chronic bursitis, shock wave therapy could make a real difference to your pain levels.

How does shock wave therapy work for bursitis?

The hand held probe will be placed over the area of discomfort and then treatment for your greater trochanter pain syndrome will begin.

Our clinician will ensure the discomfort is kept to a minimum throughout the treatment. A little way into your treatment (whilst the impulse frequency begins to increase) a little pain may be felt. Although, more often than not there is some pain felt over the area of application.

After your treatment you are likely to feel a little bit of discomfort in the area - this may last for a few days. After then an aching sensation can occur. After subsequent treatments there will be a definite improvement in symptoms leading to reduction in the original pain felt.

You know what they say, no pain no gain!

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