How does Sports Massage benefit you?

Those of you that have had a sports massage know that it might be a little different from the candle lit experience some spa days offer. As relaxing as a spa day can be, the effects are very short term. As some of you may have experienced, sports massage involves in some cases a high level of force. The deep nature of the massage allows the therapist to pinpoint adhesion's which release high areas of tension. There are many benefits when having a regular sports massage, this article will explain some of them for you.

Range of motion:

Sports massage will increase the range in your joints or hips for example.


It aims to target tightness that is restricting your joints, giving your joint more freedom without muscle restriction. When performing sport or exercise the negative effect it can have on your body is tissue elasticity, this becomes hard and inflexible. The sports massage can stretch those tissues and maintain an efficient range while training.

Exercise recovery:

The dreaded DOMS! You don’t have to be an athlete to experience muscle soreness after exercise. When walking out of the gym or after that run you may think to yourself "I feel good!" that is until the next day.

This is due to a build up of waste products after exercise such as lactic acid. This can be reduced up to 30 percent with a sports massage. The treatment allows greater tissue permeability, which creates an increase in fluids being able to pass through your tissue membranes. Instead of allowing the lactic acid to take an effect this will encourage blood flow, nutrients and waste removal from the body.

But surely my foam roller does the job?

As a clinic we always advise to roll, so you’re not wrong.

It does a job but not the whole job! Foam rollers are brilliant for 'on the go' use and are easy to use when aiming at those large areas of muscle. A sports therapist will always find some form of tightness as they target areas of muscle that cannot be stretched or rolled with use of their fingers. They use certain positioning and movements to activate and reach areas of muscle that even a golf ball could not have an effect on.


A good sports massage can stretch tissues that can’t be done conventionally. Muscle fibres using this method can be stretched both length ways and sideways. Without that build up of tension this also decreases the chance of injury and is key for prevention. You may have a lot more range available than you think and most of the time its down the limited movement tissues provide, due to overuse and no management.

Previous injuries:

Scar tissue is a normal by-product of fibrous tissue. Although it plays its part in the healing process it is unwanted in the later stages. This tissue can cause inflexibility due to its properties and should/can be removed with this method. Without the reduction of this tissue after injury, it can lead to a tissue tearing as it cannot facilitate a decent range.

Sports massage can be used for the average desk worker or athlete! This treatment can help you acquire a comfortable range for most parts of the body, the difficult part is getting to that point.

The easy part is maintaining it once your desired range is met!

Why not give sports massage a try? You won't be disappointed!

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Kenneth Gates

Sports Therapy (BSc Hons)

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