Shoulder Injuries - Don't Suffer Anymore!

Are you suffering with a shoulder injury?

The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body and there are many ways in which it can become injured - this is something we see regularly here at the clinic.

There are many symptoms you may experience with an injured shoulder and we can help each and every one of them!

* If your mobility on one side is dramatically reduced from the injury then chiropractic may help

* If the shoulder feels very tense and is affecting your neck then it may be worth trying acupuncture

* If the pain is coming from your tendons then shock wave therapy could be the answer, because 90% of tendon injures are as a result of repetitive strain.

Shock wave? What's that?!

Shock wave treatment initiates a pro-inflammatory response, an inflammation-like condition, in the tissue that is being treated. Blood circulation and metabolism in the area increases, which in turn accelerates the healing process. The shock waves break down scar tissue and bony deposits stimulating new healing in the area.

This then allows the effected tissues to remodel properly, giving you relief from symptoms and improving functionality.

If you would like to know more about how shock wave therapy can help, check out our website, call the clinic or you can always pop in for one of our FREE 15 MINUTE SHOCK WAVE SUITABILITY CONSULTATIONS here at Bodyworx Health Clinic.

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