“What made you want to become a nail cutter?”

This is a question I often get asked during my day to day role as a Podiatrist. I do cut nails, yes, but this is merely the tip of the iceberg of what I am qualified to do.

I am a Podiatrist, def; expert in the management and treatment of the lower limb.

I am degree qualified, and registered under two health care professional bodies. GP’s, allied health professionals and consultants refer patients to me on a daily basis. We are the experts on all lower limb related health matters.

So what else do we do? To name just a few we provide….

  • Verruca and wart treatment

  • Nail surgery (total or partial nail removal for ingrown toenails or other nail conditions under local anaesthetic).

  • Exercise therapy

  • Physical therapy including massage, soft tissue and joint mobilisation

  • Custom, semi-custom and off the shelf orthotics

  • Full biomechanical assessment and helping people to walk/exercise pain free. Pain we treat can be in the lower limb, hips, back.

  • Low level laser therapy

  • Cryotherapy

  • Kinesiology

  • Diabetic foot health

  • Wound and ulcer care

  • Skin infection assessment and treatment

  • Fungal/thickened/damaged nail treatment

  • Corn & callous removal and offloading

  • We also work closely with a team of chiropractors, sports therapists, physiotherapists and consultant surgeons and refer when appropriate

So… you may feel that all we do is cut nails, but you should appreciate that the person who is cutting your nails is capable of a lot more!However, we love our patient interaction and are not too proud to do the nail cutting as part of our daily routine, we enjoy it just as much as the nitty gritty parts. It is just such a shame that our profession has such little awareness in general society, as we do such an important job day in day out, we keep you on your feet after all.It seems that as we treat the bottom of the body, we are bottom of the pile of health professionals and get very little recognition.

Next time you have a problem, come and see your podiatrist here at Bodyworx Health Clinic in Ashurst, where we look after you from head to toe!

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