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Stefan Penny

We recently asked our fantastic chiropractor Stefan to answer a few questions about himself and his impressive career so far... grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

Why did you choose Chiropractic?

From a young age I was always interested in the body and how it worked, I always knew that I wanted to do something that would help people. Though becoming a general practitioner never appealed to me. I decided to find a profession that I could try to master, something that helped me understand the body and how it works in great depth. Helping people using manual therapy, non-surgical techniques.

My areas of interest are:

• Running and football biomechanics and injury prevention

• Spinal and extremity dysfunction

What do you enjoy most about being a chiropractor?

Treating patients and seeing them improve must be the most rewarding feeling in Chiropractic. Although some circumstances can be very challenging, seeing someone get better gives me a great sense of pride. I’m passionate about understanding how the body functions, being able to learn from every case that comes through the door is a privilege as no two days are ever the same.

What inspires you during your working day?

Treating people, going above and beyond for my patients is what I strive for each day. If I do this, it makes every day worth it. Each day also provides an opportunity to learn more, which can then enable better results from the profession.

What is your most satisfying career moment?

In my career so far I have been fortunate enough to work with some very inspirational people, another amazing aspect of my job. My most satisfying career moment so far has to be with one of my patients. This patient came in with severe hip pain, which they had suffered from for many years. They could barely walk without an aid and sometimes even with an aid, barely sit, they said their life had been turned upside down with this pain, it had taken their independence away. They had been to see many healthcare professionals, nothing had quite worked out. However, with treatment and the patients determination to get better we managed to treat the hip pain and the transformation has been remarkable. They can now walk without aid, sit more comfortably for long periods and they have their independence back. Its moments like these that you sit back and think I love doing the job I’m doing.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

My lifestyle outside of work involves a lot of sport particularly football, I play semi-professionally which takes up a fair amount of time. But I also like to try my hand at golf and fishing and just general outdoor activities. The fishing allows me to relax and just get away from the hustle and bustle. If there is some sort of adventure to go on you can pretty much count me in!

If you would like to make an appointment with Stefan, please call the clinic on 02380 019099 or book online.

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