How to achieve optimal health, through Chiropractic

Stefan and myself talk to patients all day every day about how chiropractic can heal us.

What we often don’t get chance to explain to patients though, when they are dashing off to their next appointment, or when we have a waiting room full of patients, is that a chiropractic adjustment by itself is not always the answer. What we do, as chiropractors, is not only heal physical pains we try to encourage all round wellness in both body and in mind.

To really get the optimal results from your sessions with us, you also need to be helping yourself. A winning combination to wellness is a healthy, effective central nervous system which needs to be supported with a healthy diet, gentle exercise, ample rest and minimal stress.

Try to also limit other proven risk factors also, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, too much sugar and too much caffeine.

We are confident you will be feeling better after a session with us, yes, but to truly feel your absolute best follow these simple guidelines to a better you in no time.

Our central nervous system –

The theory behind chiropractic is based on the idea that for our bodies to function at their best there must be clear paths for information to travel between the central nervous system and the rest of our body. The spine is the main protector of the central nervous system, so it makes sense to keep it well aligned to encourage free flow of this information, through chiropractic manipulation and treatment.

Healthy diet –

Like cars, our bodies can only perform efficiently and properly if they are fuelled correctly. I know you probably get bored of hearing this, but good diet really is SO important when it comes to optimal health. We need the nutrients found in grains, fruit and veg to power our bodies. If you feed yourself low nutrition food, you can only expect low output from your body, leaving you feeling lethargic and sluggish. Also, ensure you stay hydrated - this does not include fizzy drinks, tea or coffee. By hydrated I mean water. It is recommended that we drink 8 glasses a day so try, as a minimum, to achieve that.

If you need any guidance on nutrition, please speak to me or Stefan.

Gentle exercise –

As we have talked about before, our bodies are not designed to be sat at a computer or a desk for all these hours a day. Exercise is an integral element in keeping our bodies functioning to their full potential. It doesn’t have to be hugely strenuous, even a brisk walk from the car to the office is better than nothing! Anything to get your heart rate up and blood pumping. And if you are sat at a desk all day, take regular breaks to do some simple stretches and rest your eyes.

Ample rest –

Ensuring your body has time to rest is extremely important. We appreciate our busy lifestyles sometimes don’t allow for the recommended ‘8 hours sleep’ a night, but try, when you can, to do this. Ensuring you get enough rest will help your body and mind function more efficiently!

Minimal stress –

With the pressures of the modern day, stress seems to be a part of life nowadays. Every one’s putting more and more demands on themselves and social media doesn’t help! Reducing stress is vital when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Try to make time for yourself, manage your days, don’t take on too much, ask for help and try to introduce some ‘head space’ each day – perhaps a quick meditation to de-clutter your mind before bed? Just try and be mindful of how you are feeling mentally and try not to let it escalate into a state of stress.

Homework -

Follow the exercises at home which you are given from your chiropractor. We regularly post video's of these 'take away' exercises to our Facebook page so look out for refresher video's. If you ever need a reminder of how to perform the the exercise, please call the clinic and myself or Stefan can talk you through to ensure you are doing it correctly.

If you would like any more information about anything we have talked about above or any tips and tricks for achieving a healthy lifestyle through chiropractic, call us on 02380 019099 or email us on

We are always here for you.

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