Do you have an injury? Can our state-of-the art Squid machine help you!?

This month at Bodyworx our sports therapist Ken has acquired a new bit of kit. This new piece of equipment allows us to now use a form of cryotherapy (cold) to help broaden our range of assistance on injuries, pain and recovery.

What is Cryotherapy and what are the benefits?

Do you have an injury? If so, you may have been advised to do the following process - RICE -

- Rest

- Ice

- Compression

- Elevation

Here at Bodyworx we have equipment slightly more advanced than the conventional bag of peas you may be using. Icing an injury at home with a bag of peas is in fact an effective form of cryotherapy - this method of 'at home' help using cold compression has been a method used for many years, tracking back to as early as the 17th century!

So, the question is what is this squid machine and how can it help me?

This machine works by combining sequential compression with a mixture of the cold therapy. The unique attribute this equipment holds is that a specific wrap piece is designed to fit around any pain/inflamed area you may have. The mix of compression and cold is designed to direct any swelling away from the body part whilst at the same time delivering cold deep into the tissues. The combination of the machine works well as it can penetrate cold into the deeper tissues which a “bag of peas” could not, allowing you to get the most out of the cryotherapy treatment. Using basic items such as a cold compress has the cryotherapy benefits in some aspects, but only delivers it on a superficial layer.

It is a recognised piece of equipment used by many athlete’s due to its aid in edema reduction, pain reduction, blood circulation and reduction in inflammation. Many use this as just a recovery tool! The dreaded lactic acid builds up in muscle, you may experience this post training. The lactic acid can be directed away from the muscle area, this will then increase your circulation and help with faster recovery for your training.

How long is a treatment?

The length of this treatment is commonly 15 minutes and is controlled by the squid unit.

Cryotherapy treatment examples that may interest you:

- runner's knee

- tendonitis

- sprains

- arthritis pain

- pain reduction and swelling after a hip or knee replacement

- lower back pain relief

- lowers skin temperature

- reduction in nerve activity

- reduction in pain and swelling

If you would like an appointment with Kenny and for him to introduce you to the Squid unit, please ensure we have at least 24 hours notice - this ensures the equipment is at the correct temperature in time for your appointment at the clinic. Kenny will take you through a short assessment to ensure the session is tailored to your specific needs.

Put that bag of peas back in the freezer and use them at dinnertime for their real use - food! And come in and try out this amazing state of the art piece of kit!

Any questions, please phone reception - 02380 019099

I look forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon!

Kenneth Gates (Sports Therapist BSc)

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