Muscle Flossing

On the back of the video which we shared yesterday we thought we would shed a little more light about the growing interest and use in muscle flossing. Want to find out more? Read on...

This is a relatively new technique in which a muscle is compressed with a flexible band to improve motion and pain. The compression alters the fascial contact with the skin and deeper structures allowing a neural feedback to the brain. The brain wonders “what is going on?” and tries to release the tension altering the mechano-receptors in the fascia. It resets its base line of how the area should move. Once the pressure is released it means that the area now has a new degree of motion, a reduction in intra-muscle pressure and reduction in pain.

Let’s use the hip as an example – like Dr Stringer demonstrates in his video posted yesterday.

How to perform (you can use our video

as reference too!)

  • Wrap the band around the upper thigh, tight but not cutting off blood supply

  • Squat or move the hip around in its full range of motion (this can be done anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the tightness of the joint)

  • After this, release the band and repeat the same motion - you should feel an instant improvement.

This can be performed on nearly every non-skeletal joint.

Any questions? Please call the clinic – we are always happy

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