So... what is the difference anyway?

This is a question I get asked EVERY SINGLE DAY...

"What is the difference between a chiropodist and podiatrist?" Essentially, there really is not much difference at all! In 1993 the profession of "chiropody" was renamed "podiatry". Alas, every single person who has qualified since this date is now known as a podiatrist. There are some slight differences though. In order to be called a podiatrist, you must have Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) registration. In order to gain and maintain this registration you must complete a minimum of a 3 year degree at university, then constantly keep up your learning to match the ever evolving professional standards. A podiatrist specialises in everything lower limb related, therefore, this ongoing learning and training is paramount. The term "Podiatrist" is a protected title. This means that if you do not meet this criteria or have not completed the required qualification, you cannot use the name. There is a profession called "foot care practitioner" which is the term for somebody who is working with feet but is not qualified to a standard to be able to register with our professional body; these professionals should not be confused with podiatrists. Before seeing a professional about any foot related problems, always check that they are HCPC registered and a member of The College of Podiatry.

Any questions? Give me a call here at the clinic - I am happy to help!

Many thanks, Kristina

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