Feet for Life – 'From Birth & Beyond'

As we mentioned on Saturday, each year the College of Podiatry run an annual Feet for Life month campaign - this year, throughout all of June, we are focussing on 'Feet for Life - from birth to beyond'.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness about podiatry. It will also help to highlight how us podiatrists are the experts in keeping feet healthy and pain free; we simply keep you on your feet!

The 3 main areas which will be focussed on throughout June are as follows -

* Babies and children

This will cover the importance of children having well-fitting socks and shoes to ensure that their rapidly growing feet are kept healthy. Advice will be given around how to choose appropriate footwear for young children and how to care for their feet throughout childhood and into their teens.

* 18-40 age group

This will look at everyday footwear. This includes choosing the perfect heel height, ladies. Choosing appropriate summer shoes and also tips to find the best sports shoe for you. There will also be some information about common foot complaints such as fungal nail infections and bunions.

* Over 55's age group

This area will look at foot problems which become more common as you get older. This will include those linked with conditions such as diabetes and arthritis. Advice will also be given about general foot care and choosing the correct footwear for your feet.

Please remember, foot pain is not normal.

Make sure you see me if you suffer from any sort of foot pain or if you have any problems with your feet – we are the experts in foot health.

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