Don't suffer in silence!

Kenny - our Sports Massage Therapist

Are you experiencing back and or neck pain from either sitting at a desk all day or at the wheel of a car, van or lorry?

You do not need to suffer in silence!

There are a few self-help factors which you can adopt, such as sitting up straight with your bottom as far back in the chair as possible… or ensuring that your workstation (or seat and steering wheel if you are driving a lot) is set up correctly (your knees should be at a 90 degree angle as you are sat on your chair). What we appreciate though is that sometimes, these factors can slip out of your mind and ‘muscle memory’ means that you go back to sitting in a ‘not so great’ position, which then can lead to back and neck pain from poor posture.

Have you ever thought about getting a regular sports massage to keep the painful niggles at bay?

Sports massage is no regular massage. Do you ever feel like the benefits of a normal massage only ever last for a day?

I will not only work with the painful muscles, I will also help to maintain a pain free work life using a variety of techniques.

Sports massage provides benefits such as -

- Long lasting pain relief (muscular pain/headaches)

- Mobility increase (when suffering with a limited range of movement, for example)

- Injury prevention (advice and exercises prescribed)

- Scar tissue breakdown (from any previous injuries)

and much much more!

If you would like to book an appointment with me, please contact the clinic on 02380 019099 or book online!

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