The Importance of Good Posture

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Bodyworx Health Clinic is our Posture Realignment.

During your appointment with the chiropractor, they will stand you in front of their full length mirror and assess your current posture. Sometimes it is not until you do this that you notice that your shoulders may be a little wonky or there may a slight ‘S’ shape in your spine. Aligning and centering your spine will be one of the key things which your chiropractor will work on with you, as posture can often be the underlying cause of the problem or pain you are experiencing.

Practicing ‘good posture’ is more important nowadays than ever before as people spend so much more time sitting down! Whether it be at a desk at work, driving or sat at home relaxing. With this in mind, it makes sense for us to be familiar with a comfortable yet beneficial position to sit in. People don’t seem to realise the importance of good posture whilst sitting – it can lead to some serious health problems, after time, such as tightness and weakness of the muscles, chronic back and neck pain and also repetitive strain injury.

There is never a better time than now to start looking after your posture!

Good sitting posture involves keep your body erect by sitting as far back on your seat as possible, against the seat back. Ensure that your seat is locked in an upright, almost vertical, position. This should also support the natural arch in the lower part of your spine. Sit relaxed and try to distribute your weight evenly on the seat. When you are at work, try to sit head on to your PC rather than the PC being to the side. Ensure your screen is eye level so that you are not looking downwards towards it – this will encourage you to look ahead and will put less stress on the joints. Avoid sitting for too long. Get up and grab some water or pop outside for some fresh air – give your spine chance to move.

If you feel your posture could be improved, why not come in and see Dr Stringer or Dr Tappenden for a full assessment? Call today! 02380 019099 or book online at

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