Bodyworx Mind - A handful of ways to combat stress, day to day….

As we move towards launching our Pillars of Wellness, which are coming soon, we thought we would highlight some ways to eliminate stress from your day!

Read on for some quick-fix simple stress-free steps….

  • Preparation is key!

Try to prepare a day ahead for the following day

Plan clothes for you and your family to save faffing in the morning with the iron! Pack schools bags, prepare lunches etc.

Try to run a weekly meal plan and do a food shop once a week then you don’t need to worry about food shopping during the week

Make space in your week to spend time with friends and family who make you laugh and uplift you

  • Eat well.

Try to eat a balanced diet including fruit, veg, protein and fresh fish. It sounds obvious but eating well really does make a difference to the way you feel. Try to eat unprocessed foods, where possible, to eliminate additives from your diet.

Drink plenty of water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day. Try adding some fresh lime or lemon juice if you find water boring!

  • Enjoy the little things in life

The world is so fast-paced these days. I am convinced that the ‘London Rat Race’ is all over the country nowadays. No one seems to take their time, everyone is rushing around to the next appointment, meeting, play date. Take time to breathe. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee. A silent moment of peace. Embrace those moments.

  • Time management

Keep an up to date diary for you and the family so you know what your weekly commitments are and you can plan in plenty of time for them

Take a moment each day, preferably in the morning before the day begins, to think of five things you are thankful for

Make lists! What’s on paper is out of your head, so lists are essential!

  • Move often.

Make sure you stay mobile. Even if you have a desk based job, make sure you make time to step away from your phone and PC to move. Stretch. Go outside for some fresh air. Make a cup of tea.

Regular exercise reduces stress levels and improves overall health so try to do some sort of exercise each day, even if it is just a brisk walk home from the office

On that note, how about swapping out the car for a pair of trainers? Could you walk or cycle to work instead of drive? Or perhaps the school run – could you all walk now that the summer is here? Enjoy the exercise and fresh air before the day begins! Reduce the carbon footprint whilst improving your fitness levels!

  • Laugh often.

Laughing releases mood-enhancing endorphins which instantly lift your mood. It also lowers the stress hormone cortisol and epinephrine.

As mentioned previously, spend time with people whose company uplifts you.

Make time for you and your partner. A nice meal. A beach walk. Try to re-connect as often as possible to remind you why you fell in love.

  • Sleep!

Try to get a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep a night

Invest in some decent pillows to enhance your sleep

Try spraying a lavender based sleep spray in your bedroom before you go to sleep to relax you

If you find it hard switching off, try listening to some relaxation music before you go to bed

All of these things put together should alleviate some of the stresses out of your day to day lives.

We are looking to launch weekly yoga sessions, guided mediation and Wellbeing classes in the next month or so, so please look out for details. If you would like any more information in the meantime, please email or call the clinic on 02380 019099.

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