How can a Sports Massage benefit me?

The Who.

Our in-house Sports Therapy/Massage Specialist has now completed her first week with us! Becky has joined Bodyworx with not only a wealth of knowledge around her role as Sports Massage Therapist but she is also a qualified, recongised Personal Trainer. She is a fantastic CrossFit athlete regularly winning awards and a regular judge at large CrossFit events. Becky is available during the week for a 45 minute or 30-minute massage at our new clinic in Ashurst.

The How.

There is a slight stigma attached to Sports Massage Therapy that it is only relevant if you have a sporting related injury. This is not the case. Yes, it’s true that therapists often have an association or interest in sport and injuries which can occur during sport/fitness but their knowledge spans far greater than the sporting world alone. Sports Massage Therapists use many techniques which have been proven to facilitate movement, relieve aches and pains, improve posture, relieve pregnancy aches and relieve some medical conditions such as arthritis. The massage is a dynamic deep tissue therapy. The therapist will identify any problem areas within the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons and they will provide a customized massage treatment which will aim to maximize functionality of the problem areas whilst also restoring the body to a pain-free, relaxed state. A constant build-up of tension in the muscles from regular activity may lead to stresses on joints, ligaments, tendons, as well as the muscles themselves. It is an effective, safe therapy which benefits all – young and old!

Complaints we can fix –

  • Relief to aching, stiff joint

  • An ongoing injury

  • Maintaining a healthy, mobile body

  • Soreness after exercise

  • Relief from the toll a demanding job can take on your body

  • Stress

  • Pregnancy related ailments such as back, shoulder or neck pain

  • Sleep problems

  • Improves lymphatic drainage

The Why.

This form of therapy is one of the oldest medical treatments ever used. It not only relieves pain and discomfort but it efficiently encourages the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Sports Massage Therapy is recognized by doctors and other medical professionals as a respected and beneficial therapy for patients. Sports Massage can bring relief from a range of either new or longstanding conditions with muscles and joints. Massage is also an amazing way of counteracting stress!

Why not book in with Becky and experience how amazing your body can feel? Her diary is booking up fast so call soon to get rid of that niggle! 02380 019099 or book online at

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