I’m pregnant - can acupuncture help with my hay fever?

My wife and I delighted to be expecting our second baby, who is due to arrive early September. As many of you will know, once a woman gets pregnant there are so many things which she can no longer use to self-medicate. Ibuprofen, aspirin and her usual go-to hay-fever medication, to name a couple…

I am going to use my wife as the subject of this email. She suffers with severe hay fever every summer. Prickly eyes, a stuffy, sore nose and this year even a throaty cough; she really has been suffering. The chemist shook his head when she asked if there was anything she could take. She is not one for reaching for the medicine cabinet anyway, she would much rather cure a headache with gallons of water than reach for the paracetamol packet! (I have trained her well.. medication only masks the real problem….). But with red eyes and blotchy skin she felt medication of some sort is a must in this instance! The pharmacist recommended a natural sea-water nasal spray which she has been using but it has not really made any difference. Jealous, whilst dosing up our 3-year-old with Piriton as he sneezes and wheezes his way through the day, it came to her that perhaps acupuncture may help?

Hay fever is not something I have treated before now but I do see a patient for sinusitis, which clears up beautifully with the strategic placement of some of my fine-needle friends! So I thought I would give it a go! Obviously, acupuncture in pregnancy is completely safe. I spent some time researching and checking where exactly to place to needles and with my previous sinusitis experience I set to work. I placed needles at various points on my wife’s face and left the needles in for a few minutes…

After the session she explained that she didn’t feel instantly any less congested but she certainly slept better that night, for a change. She awoke the following morning feeling more refreshed but still showed signs, such as the stuffy nose.

I did the same procedure again a few days later and again, her sleep that night was restful. The symptoms gradually lessened over the next couple of weeks, so she is really pleased! I now only do acupuncture on her face when we know the pollen count is going to be high and her and I can safely say, it definitely makes a difference!

So please bear this ancient, remedial technique in mind when suffering the symptoms this summer – a non-medicated treatment for a rotten side effect to the blissful summer weather.

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