Bodyworx Health Clinic is committed to helping you live and feel better! We regularly publish exercise video's on our Facebook but have recently invested our time into creating a YouTube Channel, ensuring that our videos can be accessed easily by everyone - not just those of you on Facebook.

We will update this page regularly with new rehab exercise but please feel free to contact us if there is a particular complaint you would like to know some exercises for!

Bodyworx Health Clinic Exercise Video's

Do you spend a lot of your time sitting or working at a desk? Are you experiencing neck or shoulder pain?

If your neck or shoulders hurt after a long day at work sitting at a desk, then the chances are you most likely have Upper Cross Syndrome. Upper Cross Syndrome (UCS) is a muscular imbalance that stems from poor posture, as the shoulders hunch, the neck and the head come forward to compensate. Symptoms commonly include neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, stiffness in the mid back and restricted motion in the neck and shoulders.

Chiropractic can help by reducing the tension in the muscles which are overworking, strengthening the muscles that are underworking and correcting your posture to protect your neck and shoulders in the future

Here is a video showing a simple exercise that you can do in five easy steps at home or at work to help improve your posture!

Bruegger’s Relief Posture:

Step One: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart

Step Two: Roll your shoulders back and down, as if you are pushing out your chest.

Step Three: Bring your arms out and rotate your arms so your palms are facing forward, imagine you are squeezing a pencil between your shoulders.

Step Four: Draw your neck backwards so that your ear hole lines up with the tip of your shoulder.

Step Five: Tuck your chin back

Do the exercise once every thirty minutes, holding for a minute or two each time daily.

If you suffer with any of the above symptoms or you think you might have Upper Cross Syndrome then call or book in online today!