Online Telehealth Consultation








We recognise many people affected by back pain, musculoskeletal pain and postural issues will not be able to attend an appointment in person. As such, BodyWorx offer a Telehealth consultation service. This is a web-based consultation where you can talk through your complaint and be given step by step instructions on how to help with your pain. All consultations take place via a secure program called Conviu.


All patients will be eligible for Telehealth at BodyWorx.


Why have a Telehealth Consultation?


“Well-designed telehealth schemes can improve health care access and outcomes, particularly for chronic disease treatment and for vulnerable groups. Not only do they reduce demands on crowded facilities, but they also create cost savings and make the health sector more resilient.” (WHO) [accessed 15/03/20]”


Telehealth appointments are virtual consultations performed by your computer (with web cam), iPad/tablet or smart phone. You will receive step by step instructions on how to perform certain movements and exercises to alleviate pain and improve function.


How does Telehealth work?


It is so simple. You will be sent an email prior to your appointment and then at your appointment time click on the link on a device which has a camera (computer ideally, but also iPad/tablet, phone) and a window will open. No need to download or install anything.


From here we will talk through your complaint and advise on your best management which will include, exercises, stretches, mobilisations and self-treatment. We will talk you through each step and (virtually) hold your hand.




All consultations will be £27.

This will be payable in advance. On your consultation email will be a PayPal link and our bank details for BACS, either method is fine.


Please note: There is no physical contact or hands-on treatment involved in these consultations. This makes them suitable for those who are currently self-isolating or are otherwise unable to travel to the clinic.


Questions or concerns?


You can ask any questions just call one of our team on 02380 019099 or email


Please note, no hands-on therapy can be provided in this consultation. You may require more than one consultation in order to help with your problem.


Chats are securely encrypted and follow the GDPR data protection protocal.