February 18, 2019

Life can be stressful sometimes, work, home life, your daily commute; it can all be stressful.

Do you find yourself suffering from regular headaches?

It could be coming from the stress and tension without your realising it. 

What is a 'Tension Headache'?

A tension headache...

January 8, 2018

Our hips are marvels of flexibility. When we walk, they give us power and stability. When we jump, they can handle the impact. The hip joint is one of the largest and strongest joints in the human body.

But the hip can take a beating, and when that happens, we may feel...

December 7, 2017

Are you suffering from pain in your elbow? You may be suffering with Tennis or Golfers Elbow.

We have many muscles which insert on or near the elbow joint. Any movement made using the elbow or wrist is stimulated by these muscles contracting. If these muscles are overwo...

May 18, 2016

People now use the internet more than ever so thought it would be interesting to see what people search. When looking at our site the the top ten most common searches in google:


*Chiropractor Ashurst

*Chiropractor Totton

*Chiropractor Southampton

*Acupuncture Ashurst


May 17, 2016


Do you find sometimes when you are staring down at your smart phone, Kindle or tablet that your neck starts to feel uncomfortable? So you look up and tilt your neck backwards to ease the pain? This is a sign that you are spending too much time on your mobile device. L...

May 5, 2016


Bodyworx Health Clinic were so excited to be part of one of Southampton’s largest companies Wellness Day yesterday at Carnival House.


We were delighted to be invited to attend the day which saw launch of their on-shore wellness strategy, appropriately named ‘Harbour’.


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