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Our Philosophy -

​Here at Bodyworx we are focused on you, making you the best version of yourself. We pride ourselves on our proactive, modern approach to health care. We give you the driving seat and guide you towards being extraordinary.



Exceptional care of your spine using a wide range of treatment methods such as manual adjustment, gentle manipulation and soft tissue release.


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Shockwave Therapy

This state of the art pain relieving technique is proving extremely popular! This system breaks down chronic scar tissue and enhances the rejuvination of healthy tissue.


Sports Massage Therapy

Using varying techniques, our experienced massage therapist will help to elevate pain, break down fibrous muscles and increase flexibility.

Fitness Training

Functional Fitness Classes

At the same time as getting fit, you will rid yourself of any back or joint pain, increase flexibility and mobility and improve your overall strength.

Beauty Care


Let our highly experienced Podiatrist look after those tired toes, cracked heels, foot pain and other lower limb related problems, ensuring you'll be back on your feet in now time.

Fresh Chicken Salad

Bodyworx Eat

Bespoke nutrition programs for individuals wishing to lose weight but no lose out on enjoying tasty food! Learning as you go, why you are adopting these new techniques.